San Francisco County Architect and Engineer Liability

In San Francisco, the Bay Area, across California, and across the country, issues between architects and engineers and their clients have become more prevalent. Good counsel is not an expense but an asset. Good legal counsel will assist in all aspects of one’s firm from business advice to the resolution of San Francisco business disputes, including litigation. We will assist you to improve business, while minimizing risk, as well as stepping in to the fray if litigation occurs. We create options outside of litigation to resolve disputes and create solutions. We will strengthen your business position with good clients and assist to avoid bad clients.

Architects and Engineers need to develop good relationships with good clients based on good communication to present value of services in a manner so clients willingly pay their invoices without vying for discounts. We have extensive experience in assisting our architectural and engineering with a San Francisco county professional malpractice defense without litigation, but if necessary we will avail our clients of all of the legal and equitable options.

Our experience when litigation breaches our clients’ doorstep enable us to provide effective cost conscious responses. Architects and engineers, in today’s climate, face negligence and San Francisco county engineering malpractice lawsuits in a targeted manner, sometimes to avoid paying a just and fair invoice, which requires proactive engaged counsel to avoid unnecessary these unnecessary disputes. The very nature of their work creates special and unique issues that require a view beyond the litigation and towards a resolution and minimizing risk. For this reason some disputes arise in part due to misunderstandings that could be avoided through a proactive and engaged approach by counsel.

Some of the issues for engineering and architect which are frequently overlooked:

  • Effective change orders procedures
  • Updating Contracts and Contract review to minimize risk disputes
  • Documentation procedures to ensure maximum fee and minimized risk
  • Construction defects

Other issues that engineering and architect firms face are common business and risk management issues. Engineers and architects spend time developing their talents, craft, and expertise in their field but have little time to develop the most effective business structures including contracts which minimize exposure and maximize profitability.

We have experience crafting solutions to assist our clients with common issues that they face.

  • Effective Change order recovery
  • Requests for Add Services
  • Internal business policies
  • Trade Secrets – Ownership of Drawings
  • Risk Management

However, even when everything is done correctly, problems still can arise. Although San Francisco architect malpractice litigation can be costly with inexperienced counsel, with good counsel and proper procedures, one can minimize the costs and risks of litigation.

Dimitriou & Associates, P.C., as legal and business counsel to architect and engineering firms has experience defending the work and reputation of architect and engineering clients throughout San Francisco, the Bay Area California and beyond. If you or your firm is facing a lawsuit, we will work to create solutions which will work for you. Our San Francisco business attorneys will explain options and advise you so that you can make the proper decision. Our advise and representation includes the following: Claim assessment, Investigation and Risk Management, Negotiations, Create Non- Litigation options, Litigation at Trial if necessary.

For our general counsel clients we in addition provide on a flat fee basis.

  • General Office Procedure Development
  • Employee manuals/HR Issues
  • General Business Advice
  • Contract review and assessment
  • Review of liabilities stemming from processes, such as your shop drawing submittal process
  • Ownership and reuse of designs
  • Risk management
  • Prosecution of claims for fees and protection of property
  • Advance Conflict resolution